About Robin Hobbs


Growing up as the only girl surrounded by three brothers, Robin learned at an early age how to stand her ground and breeze through negotiations.  However, her story as a real estate agent truly begins years before that.  Real estate, you could say is somewhat of a family business.  Robin comes from a long line of Realtors®, beginning with her Grandmother and including both her mother who still actively serves clients as a Realtor® after 30 years on the job, and her father who was a real estate lawyer for 30 years, and her brother Paul who is an active Realtor® as well.

With 15 years as a licenced Realtor® every day Robin looks forward to bringing her expertise to the Collingwood community.  She is always eager to share information about the amenities and amazing people that make Collingwood such a great place to live.
Over the years, Robin’s real estate passion has involved into real estate investing as well.  Today she is proud to be a Real Estate Investment Advisor with LEGACY, the world first Real Estate Investment Advisory Company. 

As a 3rd generation Realtor® its safe to say that real estate runs in her blood.  From the long family history in the industry, to the name she is making for herself as a professional Investor,  Realtor® and Real Estate Investment Advisor, you won’t find another Agent with a combination of experience and enthusiasm quite like hers.  At the end of the day, its safe to say that real estate isn’t just her job, its her passion!